Honoring My Commitments

Publishing the Loveality website presents the culmination of my experiences with God’s wisdom. My approach is to let God and Spirit lead me. I admit, to do this, at times, I must stretch far outside my comfort zone. I know in my heart that Spirit always provides. This also means I must show up with strength, dedication, and patience.

In June of 2005, my sister-in-law Shelley was diagnosed with lung cancer. Shelley and I were very close. Because I was adopted at birth, I used to say that Shelley was the sister I never had. After Shelley’s diagnosis, I was by her side during surgery, appointments, and treatments. By September of that year, we honored her wish to spend her final days at our home until she died. What follows is the God message I received the day before Shelley died.

It is for you to see the bridge in completion.
To see how this crossing is made, to feel it energetically,
To shift from the pouring out of all focalizing of your own abilities.
To widen them so that the greater range can be achieved.
It is for you to call to clarification, the divesting of all ways of caretaking.
In this you are able to be the greater voice, the work that God is offering.
In this you see the gifts precisely because you believe the offerings are there.
And you are ready to receive them.
You open your hands.
You spread your wings.
In this you find the peace that already turns within you.

On that day, I wasn’t sure what this message meant. I knew I was being urged to grow and share this material, which has so infused, touched and transformed my own life. The creation of Loveality and this companion website represent one bridge in completion of this process. I hope that you will be inspired and open yourself to receive the energy of love in these sacred proses. In my role as a mother and family member, I have primarily focused on caring for others. I’m sure many of you can relate to how easy it is to be swept up in caring for those we love, and forget our own needs. Like everyone, over the years, I have met my share of challenges in pursing and sharing my spiritual gifts. Often, I was and continue to be intimidated, overwhelmed and unclear how sharing these gifts should come to fruition. Now in 2016, I am opening my heart to honor my commitment to bring my unique experience of God’s love more openly and to a broader audience.

With courage and the understanding that Spirit will guide me if I allow it, I am acknowledging my calling to voice my experience. What has been your calling? Maybe the answer didn’t arise as you sat at a deathbed vigil. Maybe it was quiet and profoundly felt in the depth of your heart. We each are gifted in unique ways. Our timelines and trajectories of living out our heart’s truths aren’t uniform, nor should we compare our journey and processes to anyone else’s. I invite you to contemplate the stirrings within your own heart. We are given these precious lives not just to survive, but to thrive. Our hearts are made to live a love-based reality. What will you do to welcome and invite more love today? May these Loveality messages and invitations inspire and support you.